Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wreaths for Sale - Sampling #1

Here are some of our wreaths we have for sale.  Today's sampling includes 10 inch wreaths which sell for $18.00.  They are covered in soft yarn and adorned with various styles of felt flowers.  (We also sell 14 inch wreaths which sell for $25 and will be featured on another day.)  They all look great on a wall, mantle or shelf.  If your front door is sheltered, they are an excellent choice for adding color and curb appeal. 

We will try to put more up each day until our full stock is listed.  We can also do custom orders with your choice of wreath and flower colors.  In rare instances, the price for custom orders may be slightly higher depending on your color selection.  We hope to have these listed on Etsy soon, but would also love to take your orders or answer questions through email,, or on our Facebook page, PlaneJane Designs, LLC.  If shipping is necessary, those charges will be added to your order.

Thanks and have a great day!
-Kendra & Katie

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